Value-Added Reseller Agreement Meaning

A reseller added to the value may increase its potential for repeating operations because of the added value it offers. A VAR can also serve as a central point of contact for customers of certain products and solutions. A VAR is often better positioned to understand customer challenges and offer the kind of know-how that ensures customer satisfaction. A value-added reseller is a company that increases the value of third-party products by adding customized products or services for resale to end-users. Value-added resellers play a leading role in the information technology sector and provide equipment, installation services, advice, troubleshooting or other related products or services in addition to commodities. Value-added resellers can`t really control the cost of the product they sell, and the entire resale process is sometimes not transparent. Sometimes manufacturers will try to mitigate this problem by offering resellers a discount that will allow a reseller to better control the prices it charges its customers. This direct value-added resale agreement, including all attached exposures (the “agreement”), exists between Juniper Networks and VirtualArmor LLC (“reseller”) and defines the conditions under which Juniper authorizes the reseller to purchase, sell, sell and distribute products and services. This agreement takes effect from the effective date and includes: 1) the cover/signature page; (2) Appendix A – Terms and Conditions for the resale of products and services. All exhibitions will be included in this agreement and will form part of this agreement.

Activated terms that are not defined differently have the meaning defined in Schedule A. By recognizing the usefulness of value-added resellers, an information company typically offers them product discounts to increase their revenue through this channel. Some of these resellers may be exclusive to a business, but most carry a few or more brands to offer more choice to customers. Depending on the level of service, they can obtain a Cisco “Selection,” “Premiere” or “Gold” certification. Cisco continues to provide training to resellers to specialize in a number of areas such as enterprise networks, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things (IoT) and data centers. At regular intervals, value-added resellers must submit to Cisco audits to demonstrate their continued creditworthiness as members of the reseller network. Value-added resellers exist because they are an important distribution channel for manufacturers, particularly in the area of information technology. A value-added reseller accepts a basic hardware or software product or system and adapts a set of additional system add-ons for a customer. The dealer is not the manufacturer of the devices, but is expected to have a thorough knowledge of the product to adapt, install, test and maintain it properly for the customer.

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