Tenancy Agreement Drying Washing

If the laundry is as close as you say, it would be wise for your tenants to take their laundry to the laundromat. There aren`t that many laundromats these days and you`re lucky to have that choice. However, the culture of going to a laundromat has changed, so they may not be willing and laundromats can be expensive. I can`t dry on my balcony. I haven`t tried, but I guess I`d get the rules through the door. It`s the kind of place, but in reality, the enforcement of the rules is why it`s a nice place to live – high density, tower houses can only work if people follow basic rules for life – some are more painful than others, for example. I don`t find it able to dry my laundry out crazy, but I`m really grateful that it`s prescribed (and forced) hours for internal/DIY changes, so my weekends and evenings aren`t routinely disrupted. “Simple lifestyle changes such as drying clothes outdoors or leaving the ajar window could help reduce problems and prevent mould from forming for a long time.” It would be interesting to know if the apartment has been fully furnished (or to what extent). If it has been fully developed, then I would venture to say that it is quite strange for the owner to provide you with a washing machine and not a tumble dryer, and then to try to impose the no-dry clause in the apartment.

It`s just inconsistent for me. Especially when the owner says that drying clothes has made things worse in the past. I`d like to know how it would go. The Office of Fair Trading (which regulates unfair clauses in consumer contracts) said it was unfair to try to impose daily life on tenants in real estate. However, since it is a well-known fact that drying clothes indoors causes problems, this type of clause is considered fairer than a clause, for example. B, the requirement that you wipe kitchen surfaces every day or clean windows indoors and outdoors every week. Drying clothes indoors can cause terrible condensation and mold and you could use a juicy decorating bill when tenants undress. If it is also their living space that they use to dry clothes, it is unlikely that they will open the windows wide and ventilate the room in the middle of winter, which you should do when you dry the clothes inside. However, there is nothing to prevent the landlord from notifying you under Section 21 and refusing to continue your rent after the end of your fixed life and (if you refuse to evacuate) on that basis. Are you in a house or an apartment? The last three flat blocks I`ve lived in, including our current ones, have no cleaning outside on the rule balconies.

My BIL put a plane there when they were with us a few years ago, and the man, who heads the residents` committee, had slipped a copy of the rules through the door in the space of 10 minutes, highlighting the corresponding paragraph. I think it has something to do with the fact that the exterior of the building is beautiful! We bought a small cheap dryer from Argos, which lives in the corner of the spare room with a litter above, then is pulled and the hose is stuck out the window. Am I hurt if I don`t want to buy a tumble dryer for a 4-bed HMO?? They asked for one because they don`t want to dry all the clothes in the living room (which does!). If I have a brief view on Google, I discovered a laundromat at the bottom of the street, it wouldn`t make more sense to jump right there for half an hour and everything is done! I had to take all my laundry for the first time, no one provided me with a tumble dryer!!! From the tenants` point of view, given the circumstances, I would have been quite surprised if I had had such a clause in my lease.

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