Agreement Renewal News

“On both sides, as long as the agreement is ad experimentum [provisional], it has been decided to keep the contents confidential,” said Parolin, the cardinal said that the purpose of the agreement was “the unity of the Church” and that this unity “will become an instrument of evangelization,” according to a copy of the Italian newspaper Avvenire. And he expressed hope that the Vatican would take tougher measures against China by extending the agreement. The eu-Seychelles fisheries agreement, first concluded in 1984 and updated in 1987 and 2006, has been implemented by successive protocols specifying fishing opportunities and the EU`s financial contribution. It is one of only two active agreements in the western Indian Ocean region (along with Mauritius). Beijing Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters thursday at a daily briefing that China and the Vatican had decided to extend the agreement “after friendly consultations.” In addition, the parties/GoP are considering, under the MoU, the possibility of an extension/extension of the company`s power purchase contract beyond the 26. furthermore, 2021 on terms of agreement taking into account the economic and technical viability of the company`s power plant” recognizes that the payment of the company`s receivables is an integral part of the MoU as a key consideration, and electricity and GoP purchasers develop, within the agreed time frame, a mechanism for payment of unpaid debts, which is reflected in the final agreement; the electricity purchaser ensures compliance with its contractual obligations and GoP and the electricity purchaser work to resolve the arbitration dispute. However, nothing in the MoU affects positions and rights in the ongoing arbitration proceedings between the company and the electricity buyer. Father Bernardo Cervellera, editor-in-chief of the missionary news agency AsiaNews, which extensively covers the Church in China, noted that in the two years since the signing of the agreement, the persecution of Christians by the Chinese authorities has only increased, destroying churches, incarcerating priests and excluding young people from cults. The Holy See and the Beijing government have jointly announced a two-year extension of the 2018 agreement, which expires on Thursday. The provisional agreement between the Holy See and the People`s Republic of China on the appointment of bishops was signed in Beijing on 22 September 2018. This agreement expires today, since it came into force a month later for a period of two years ad experimentum.

As the date approached, the two parties assessed different aspects of the agreement`s application and agreed, through an official exchange of Note Verbali, to extend it for an additional two years, until October 22, 2022. Therefore, the renewal of the interim agreement seems to be a good opportunity to explore its objectives and motivations. The provision of the agreement is therefore the point of arrival of a long journey undertaken by the Holy See and the People`s Republic of China, but it is also and above all the starting point for broader and more far-sighted agreements. The provisional agreement, the text of which was dealt with in a confidential agreement because of its experimental nature, is the result of an open and constructive dialogue. This attitude of dialogue, nourished by respect and friendship, is strongly encouraged and encouraged by the Holy Father. Aware of the wounds suffered by the Church community in the past, Pope Francis restored full communion with the Chinese bishops, ordained without the necessary papal mandate, and authorized the signing of the agreement on the appointment of bishops, which had already been approved by Pope Benedict XVI in the form of a draft.

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